Selasa, 25 Oktober 2016

The Old Witch

Once there was a couple who had two daughters, but their father had no work. The daughters wanted to seek their fortune, and one said she would go into service. Her mother said she could, if she could find a place.
The daughter searched but, unable to find anything, eventually came upon an oven full of bread. The bread begged the girl to take it out, and she obeyed. The girl continued and eventually came to a cow that begged her to milk it, which she did, and an apple tree that begged her to shake down its apples, which she did.
Continuing her search, the girl came upon a witch's house, and the witch set her to clean the house, but forbade her to ever look up the chimney. One day, she did just that, and bags of money fell down. The girl immediately gathered them up and fled.
Realizing what the girl had done, the witch chased her but each time she came close to grabbing her, the apple tree and the cow hid her. When the girl came to the oven, the baker hid her behind it, and tricked the witch into the oven, trapping her for a long time. The girl used her money to marry a wealthy man.
Her sister decided to try the same thing, but instead she refused the oven, the cow, and the apple tree. When she stole the gold, the apple tree refused to hide her, and the witch caught her, beat her, and took back the money.

1. What is the text about?
    a. The bread and apple tree
    b. The joblessness father
    c. The wealthy man
    d. The old witch
    e. The chimney

2. What did the daughter looking for?
    a. Their fortune
    b. Their apples
    c. Their money
    d. Their bread
    e. Their oven
3. The daugher was forbbiden to look up...
    a. The chimney
    b. Her parents
    c. The fortune
    d. The money
    e. The witch
4. What did the money used to?
    a. To buy a cow
    b. To buy a house
    c. To trick the witch
    d. To give it to her father
    e. To marry a wealthy man
5. What is the synonym of seek?
   a. look for
   b. look at
   c. seer
   d. sew
   e. saw

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