Selasa, 18 Oktober 2016

Unforgettable Moment

In February 2015, My family and I went to Singapore. I departed from Husein Sastranegara Airport Bandung. I went to SG by airplane. It took two hours to get there. I stayed in SG for three days two nights. When i got there, I directly look for a ticket booth or something like that to bought a Singapore Tourist Pass. Singapore Tourist Pass is a card that the function is like a ticket for ride a MRT or bus. I bought Singapore Tourist Pass about 30$SG. My Singapore Tourist Pass can be used for three days.

After I bought a tourist pass, I directly took MRT that the route in the direction of the hotel. When I got the hotel, I went to my room and took a rest. The hotel room is not big and not too small. I went out and look for food. Finally, I bought fried rice from a small restaurant. After full, I went back to hotel and change my clothes and slept.

The next day, I woke up at six a.m. and took a shower. After ready, I went out to MRT station. My first destination was Lucky Plaza at Orchard Road. I went there was to exchange the Gardens By The Bay tickets. After I got the tickets, I directly went to Gardens By The Bay. Gardens By The Bay is near Marina Bay Sands. The Gardens By The Bay comprises two cooled conservatories, Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. First, I went to Cloud Forest. There are big waterfall inside the Cloud Forest. I took photo in front of the waterfall. There are unique flowers inside the Cloud Forest too, the flowers were made with LEGO (The photos is in my recent post). Next, I went to Flower Dome. There are so many kinds of flowers inside. I took so many picture. I went out from the conservatories and went to the souvenir shop and I didn’t buy anything. I went out and spotted the ice cream shop, I bought two scoops of ice cream because the weather was so hot.

I walked around Marina Bay. I crossed the Helix Bridge. I went to Bayfront MRT station towards Chinatown MRT station. After I arrived at Chinatown MRT station, I went out and walked around Chinatown and I ate at McDonald’s near Chinatown. At Chinatown, I bought souvenirs for my friends and went to Chinese Temple. I took photos at Chinese Temple.
I went to orchard road again. I walked around and took photos. I bought Singapore ice cream from the ice cream shop, I bought blueberry flavor. Before well known in Indonesia, I once bought ice cream like Singapore ice cream from seller who pass by in front of my home when I was little. I sat on stairs in front of Mall while ate my ice cream. I went back to hotel because I was tired. When I arrived at hotel, I directly took shower and slept.

The next day, My next plan was to visit was Merlion Park. I walked from MRT station to Merlion Park. I passed by Cavenagh Bridge. When I arrived at Merlion Park, there were so many people. I took photos at Merlion Park. At Merlion Park, we also can see the Esplanade. I bought souvenir at souvenir shop near Merlion Park.
After visited Merlion Park, I planned to visit Marina Bay Sky Park. I went to the top of the building. I could see the view of Singapore. The wind was quite strong on the top of the building. I didn’t forget to take photos.

I visited and walked around Clarke Quay. I decided to ride the Bumboat with my family. The boat was sailing at Singapore River. It was fun on the boat. After rode the Bumboat, I went to hotel. I had to get ready for the next day. Next day, at 6 a.m. I went to airport. I went to airport by taxi, for me, in Singapore, the taxis more expensive than in Indonesia. I arrived at airport too early, I walked around airport and bought snacks. I went to the gate and take off. I arrived in Bandung at 11 a.m. I was so happy although it was tired.

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