Selasa, 04 April 2017


There was a sport competition between classes called ‘DEWA ATHENA’. Dewa Athena was created by OSIS and held annually. There were so many sport game in this event such as basketball, soccer, dodgeball, badminton, marathon and other game like tarik tambang and gobak sodor. The participant of this event were the first and second grade. Dewa Athena held at Lapang Bali and starts at 7 AM. This event held on 23 and 24 March (for second grade), 25 March and 1 April (for first grade) and 8 April is the final of Dewa Athena.
On March 25th, I couldn’t participate because I had an Angklung practice for the concert at 29 April and I got dispensation. The practice was at 8.30 AM and the evaluation start from 4 PM until 8 PM. I starts practice angklung at 8.30 AM until 12 PM. I was having a rest at 12 PM to 1 PM. I continued the practice until 3.30 PM and took a rest again. At 4 PM to 8 PM, I was having an evaluation. I played 18 songs. The evaluation was a kind of rehearsal of the concert/performance. The evaluation was held at hall SMAN 3 and SMAN 5.
On April 1st, I was participate for final game for first grade. I was an soccer player. My class was matched with X Science 8. My team was lost because the other team was so good at playing soccer. I have been trying for the best even though I can’t play soccer.
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